Sue Wishengrad, a Wisconsin native currently living in Los Angeles, is a 27-year member of SAG and AFTRA with over 30 commercials to her credit as well as films, theatre and characters on the hit soap, The Young and The Restless.  She has starred on stage as Elzvieta in the emotional drama Playing for Time and recently starred in 2 films, Daddy’s Home and Kate Allen is Getting a Life, coming out soon.  Sue has also completed a screenplay dealing with the subject of a homeless woman who dares to dream a better life.  She has also appeared in several other soap operas TV shows, feature and indie films and performed in many plays.

Sue is also the founder of Sue Wishengrad’s Trade Secrets, an Interior Design firm.  She has designed homes for celebrity and affluent clients, model homes and commercial offices for the past 25 years.  E Entertainment’s show, Celebrity Homes, has run an episode for the past several years featuring Sue and a home she designed for singer, actor, model, dad, Tyrese Gibson.  The segment on the home aired on Oprah Winfrey’s Annual Mother’s Day special.  Her celebrity clients also include, Vin Diesel, Monique Jackson (actress), Michael Wahle (NFL star), Michael Flanagan (NFL star) and Damon Thomas (music producer).

Sue gives back to her community by volunteering at The Stuart House (a rape center for children ages 2 to 18).  She is a member of Designed from the Heart and recently finished designing homes for the homeless female veterans in San Pedro called The Blue Butterfly Village.

Her life belief is to be compassionate.  She believes that we spend a considerable amount of time developing our minds while forgetting to develop our hearts.  Her personal secret to life is to stay balanced; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sue is married to her husband Murray, an L.A. area businessman. Together they have raised two sons, Jason and Zachary.

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